Isn't that cool? It's the illustration by Jean-Pierre Jacquet for my story in Hard Luck Stories.

Dave Zelsterman and Ed Gorman did a fantastic job editing what will, for now anyway, be the final issue of Hard Luck (never say never, guys) and it's a tribute to the pulp era. James Reasoner's story is a great south seas noir (now that's a sub-genre) and Bill Crider's story is also terrific. The others, too, of course.

I'm honoured to be associated with it.

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Comment by Dave Zeltserman on June 27, 2008 at 4:01am
Great story, John--very happy to publish it, as well as every other one in this issue, but I think you can say never. Btw. All the illustrations were done as paintings (I think oils), and then photos taken of them. How cool is that??

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