Hey, Tony,

Glad to see you here and thanks for posting. I have replied to several folks and apparently didn't hit the right key to "send." So I hope this post makes it. Glad to have Tony on board as one of "my friends." I'm accumulating a lot, which pleases me. I must confess that as a former kindergarten teacher, I have this compulsion to circle you all around me, and have you say something about yourself, so that others can know you and be friendly with you. Some old habits never die; probably mystery writers are in that group that never die but just fade away.

And, Tony, if interested I'll send the next 50 pages to you.

I appreciated your comments about the Book Show/Fair and remainders. FYI, at my local Walgreen's, I bought the latest copy of Stephanie Plum mysteries for five bucks, two for ten dollars. Interesting. I wonder how that figures into the "sales" or volume number that the big name publsihers cite.



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