The winners of the copies of CON ED by Matthew Klein, NERVE DAMAGE by Peter Abrahams or THE MISSING by Chris Mooney have been chosen. Their names appear at, along with the announcement of the new draw for one of three copies of AUNT DIMITY GOES WEST by Nancy Atherton, STIGMA by Philip Hawley, Jr. MD, or NAMING OF THE DEAD by Ian Rankin. Please follow directions for entering the draw because too many entries end up in my junk mailbox and I am afraid that I do not retrieve them all. Also, make sure you include a street address not a PO box since some of the publishers use UPS or FedEx and not the USPS. If you do not include a proper snail mail address, your entry will be disqualified, as it already takes me most of a day to do the detail work to get the draw winners and donors notified and the new text up on the page Note that this contest will last only one week as publishers have generously offered us more books than ever. As far as possible, this year, we will be starting a new contest each Thursday. We would appreciate it if you would forward this to individuals and groups you think might be interested in either reading our reviews or entering our contest, but please, don't spam. Remember, we are selling review copies of books to raise money to keep the site going, at Query me for availability. Paypal is the most efficient method of payment for all concerned. Thank you. Barbara Franchi Crime fiction reviews, sales of review copies, and drawing for free book Sharon Wheeler

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