Friday I signed books at the third Borders Books store in Washington Dulles International Airport. They’ve closed a few gates in Terminal B so business wasn’t as brisk as it was in the other two stores. Still it was well worth my time and the folks there are always so friendly I’ll go back for another try later in the year.

Sunday’s signing at the Hard Bean Coffee and Booksellers was a new experience: outdoors during parents’ week in Annapolis, the home of the Naval Academy. The city was packed with people, although it was a bit warm for an outdoor event.

On line, I was one of several authors quoted about character development on Candid Canine, the charming blog that is home to Petey the Dachshund from "Searching for a Starry Night," A Miniature Art Mystery from Christine Verstraete, one of my Echelon Publishing stable mates. The book is perfect for young readers. The blog is great for new authors.

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