I really had planned to blog here regularly. Doesn't seem to be working. Oh well, lots of plans don't work the way we want them to, right? At least I haven't totally forgotten this blog. Every two months is better than only once ever!

The weather is getting cooler, and school will be starting here in just a few weeks. That means I'll have more time to write, but also that NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching. And I'm stuck between two great plots!

While I'm still working on Ghost Mountain, the plan has always been that Ghost Mountain be the first in a series. Each of my stories would take place at a different Lakota holy site in the Black Hills. Since I have the first book (mostly) finished, I'm ready to get started on number 2. That leads me to my problem.

I have the site selected, I just don't know which direction to take. Either there will be a huge casino/bar to be built right next to the site, or I could use a bad-ass motorcycle gang and the Sturgis Rally for some conflict. Yeah, I could use both, but is that overkill? For those familiar with the Black Hills, both scenarios are rooted in fact. Either situation has happened once and could easily happen again. Doesn't make my choice any easier, though.

I have until November 1 to decide.

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