Cross-Post with my own blog at AustCrimeFiction, I've been irregularly running a bit of a focus on some under discussed Australian authors. Recently I posted a note about J R Carroll and today I got to thinking about the fabulous Leigh Redhead.

Leigh Redhead is a recentish arrival in the Australian Crime Fiction scene.

Peepshow came out in 2004, Rubdown in 2005 and Cherry Pie is due a bit later in 2007.

Leigh's main character, Simone Kirsch, could, just possibly, be based ever so slightly on Leigh herself, if her bio is anything to go by.

Which makes them interesting from the point of view that she is obviously writing from a strong understanding of the world that the books are set in. The mean streets of Melbourne :)). The books are fabulous because they are a combination of a good lively plot and a great set of characters written with great deftness and humour.

Simone is an ex-stripper, who occasionally dips back into the industry whilst she is initially trying to get started as a PI and then in the early days of running her own business. Most of her clients and her contacts are from that world or the police, and they make for a lively and engaging set of characters.

There's a bit of a love interest but it's not smooth and it's not that sort of slow burning build - it's more your lurch from disaster to disaster, I fancy you, HOW could I fancy you, ongoing lunatic ride.

Obligatory warning - the sex scenes are a bit on the graphic side. But the great thing is that these books are done with such great gusto and enthusiasm and style that there's nothing smutty or gross or gruesome.

Definitely on the entertainment side of crime fiction - but I'm guessing if you like Liz Evans and her ilk, you're going to love Leigh Redhead.

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