It was old home weekend for me. It started with a book signing at the Borders Express in Springfield Mall. That was even more fun than usual because of the second author signing - Lisa Hampton-Qualls, who wrote a very positive book entitled "G*STYLE - Developing a Passion for God’s Fashion." Lisa proved to be as positive and inspiring as her book.

Then I moved to the Borders Express in Dulles Town Center. This was a very successful event and I began to see the tide of tastes turning, with my thrillers being a bigger and bigger share of the sales.

My most recent on line appearance was on "Spunk On A Stick's Tips," a marvelously upbeat blog for writers by L. Diane Wolfe who writes the very inspiring "Circle of Friends" Young Adult series. Diane describes herself as "overly optimistic, occasionally naive, and one determined redhead," and who am I to disagree? She interviewed me from the writer's perspective. So, if you'd like a little more insight into the brain of yours truly, without risk of getting lost there, check out Diane’s blog.

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