Some good stuff being said about Small Crimes

Small Crimes is still several weeks away from being officially released in the US, although it's been showing up early in some bookstores, as well as being available now at online bookstores like and, and some good stuff is showing up about it on the web. Thuglit recently added it to their Degenerates Book Club. Patrick Milliken over at Poisoned Pen Bookstore jumped the gun on it and made it one of his August hardboiled picks. Bruce Grossman over at Bookgasm wrote that he feels Small Crimes should be a contender for book of the year. Nathan Cain concurs and writes his own review of Small Crimes over at Independent Crime. Earlier this summer Ed Gorman wrote about how he thought Small Crimes was one of the finest dark suspense novels he's read in the past several years. Recently Ed wrote about how Small Crimes is one of the best novels he's read in 2008 so far, as well as saying some nice things about my free short story anthology, Seven. The two trades that have so far reviewed Small Crimes both were great with Publisher's Weekly giving it a starred review and saying that Small Crimes deserved comparison with the best of James Ellroy, and Booklist saying, "Small Crimes has plenty of crime, but obsession, hubris, and evil, pure and impure, are at the heart of this vivid noir."

Thanks so far to everyone who has read it, and have shared their thoughts on it.

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Comment by K.R. Lewis on September 12, 2008 at 1:24pm
Hi Dave: If the inside of your book reads as good as the outside looks, you've got a winner on your hands. Love the title, too.

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