Hi All, RANSOM BEACH, the latest release in the Stephanie Chalice thriller series is now available for immediate shipping from Amazon. If you have a little time, please cruise my website (www.lawrencekelter.com). You can preview the first two chapters and is you're so moved....you can click on the RANSOM BEACH icon and it'll take you right over to Amazon. Hope you'll take a look.

NYPD’s street savvy detective Stephanie Chalice is back and not a minute too soon. Her newest nemesis is a con artist and bloodthirsty killer, a chameleon able to change her identity at will, a ghost known only as Black. Chalice is called into action when a billionaire’s ward, an autistic child, is abducted from beneath the nose of his well trained bodyguard. Black’s reason for choosing this mark is not the obvious one. The kidnap victim is no ordinary child; he has never learned to read or write, and yet is capable of channeling the prophecies of his long dead ancestor; those that have long been memorialized, and those now thought to be ages lost. Chalice is put to the test, forced to decipher clues that defy explanation. Will she be able to outthink her diabolical opponent before it’s too late?

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Comment by Lydia Sadler on October 14, 2008 at 6:51am
I just read the first two chapters of Ransom Beach.
Now I remember you! Rather, I remember Stephanie.
Hey thanks for inviting me to be a friend.
I can see that I have some catching up to do with my reading.

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