I always thought I couldn't write short stories. Well, I wrote a lot when I was a kid, before Some Adult put some writing hex on me and caused me to stop. I've never really liked reading short stories, though, because they just didn't seem complete. DOH! Finally, a fellow writer told me that they weren't supposed to be complete, as long as the main character had some change, some realization, some epiphany. BOING! The old brain cells started to fire up, and within the last week, I've compiled notes for a short story and have a good start at it. Actually, it's more of a supernatural thing than mystery, but what the hell; I'll be happy if I finish it. Who cares what genre it's in. And yes, there is a crime in it, so there.

Of course, I'm already wondering, where should I send this when it's done? Everybody wants to get published in the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, so I guess I'll start there. Or maybe one of the more indie online publishers.

Talk about counting her chickens before they're hatched! LOL

Over and out,

bobbi c.

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Comment by Bobbi A. Chukran on April 2, 2007 at 5:27am
Hi Christa, Funny, I was just like five minutes ago trying to download the new Spinetingler magazine. I'll also check out the other one. Mine is more of a supernatural crime story than a horror story, too.

My attention span is getting shorter and shorter, so writing shorter stuff appeals to me. I keep procrastinating starting my second novel, because I know it'll be such a long process to get it finished.

bobbi c.
Comment by Christa M. Miller on April 1, 2007 at 2:13pm
Mysterical-E takes supernatural crime fiction, I think. You could try Spinetingler, too - they specifically look for up-and-comers.

I used to think I couldn't write effective short fiction, but somehow it came together over the last couple of years. Keeps me sane when I can't work on novels because of life!

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