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I was sent a link by a friend. It was a video showing the cruelty of Iam's to dogs, made by a Peta undercover member who was sent to spy on Iam's and get the inside scoop of their cruelty to animals and the unnecessary testing. The video is disturbing.

They force feed dogs vegetable oil by cramming a tube down their throats, (why???) cut muscle from their thighs (another why???) and throw them on a cold, concrete floor, and stack them in cages for 23 1/2 hours, denying them human contact and attention. It was said that the smell of ammonia was so bad that it burned human eyes. Can you imagine how it is for the dogs?

Most humane testing is from volunteers like us, knowing it is a food test. That is the humane way to conduct pet food testing.

Take a moment one morning over a cup of coffee, and pass up one or two blogs that you read for one time, and go read the articles of the cruelty of Iam's (and other corporations) who inflicts outrageous testing on innocent animals for profit.

I refuse to buy their products. And that brings me to another point to announce. There are links to companies that do animal testing and a list of companies that do not. There's also links to a list of pet foods that do not do animal testing at all. Those are the foods we should buy while supporting those companies in their efforts to stop animal testing! We have the power to stop this once and for all.

You can fill out a ready-made protest letter to send with only your email and name. CLICK SEND! Let's stop this now.

Companies that do/don't test


Iam's Cruelty website


Peta's site on Iam's articles and links


Get Active (and the video)




I thank you, and all the animals thank you,

Jannie Balliett

(new) Peta member

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