Favorite Crime novel Detective and why?

Over the decades we've met some incredible detectives. Who is your favorite detective and why?

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Comment by Maryann Miller on April 12, 2007 at 1:38am
Like LC said, there are so many it is hard to pick just one. Then do we stick with books, or go into TV and movies? There are some good ones there. One character that I like particularly in the sense that I would like to be his friend is Faye Kellerman's detective - can't recall his name right off - but he comes across as a caring man. And maybe I like him because we both have an interest in horses. I think what makes a character memorable is not necessarily how good he or she is at 'detecting' but how they come across as people. T. Jefferson Parker's Silent Joe is a great example of a central character who is so real you might look for him the next time you are in L.A.
Comment by LC Fraser on April 6, 2007 at 3:33am
This is a really tough one! My favourite would vary by genre and date and time of year. Morse is an all time fave - good detective, relatively decent man with lots of things to get ticked at him for. What more could you ask? I also adore Chris Grabenstein's Ceepak. He is almost perfect. In fact he is likely so perfect that he is too perfect. Richard Jury - he just seems sweet and sincere and likely comfortable. On the other hand, all time favourite character in a book - Vicky Bliss or Jacqueline Kirby or even Amelia Peabody. And then there is Nero Wolfe. Too many great detectives out there - do I really have to pick one or can I stick with DonnaMath (taught at 4MA by Donna Moore)?

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