Hi, America! You gave us Coke and Chandler, Steely Dan and Silicon Valley. We gave you bavarian beer and BMW, Heidi Klum and Heidelberg. So let’s continue this fair trade. You got still a lot of fine crime fiction never translated into German. We also have some thrilling stuff.

You give us:

Naomi Hirahara. We reviewed two of her novels, Snakeskin Shamisen and Summer of big Bachi. Americans of Japanese origin, the long shadows of the past and today’s secrets. A crime novel can be more than thrilling. Tells us stories from the edge, forgoten history before it's forgoten. None of Hirahara’s novels can be bought in a fine German translation. Change this!

We give you:

Astrid Paprotta. A former psychologist, Astrid Paprotta wrote some succesful books before joining the crime fiction scene. The four novels with the „helpless heroine“ Ina Henkel, a police officer, will lead you through a setting of false visions and daily lies in first-class plotted stories. Mrs. Paprotta has won all the prices Germany has to offer for crime fiction. She’s ready for you! (The Ina Henkel novels: „Mimikry“, „Sterntaucher“, „Die ungeschminkte Wahrheit“, „Die Höhle der Löwin“, new: „Feuertod“ (a standalone))

to be continued...

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