I have been following all the updates on the news coming out of Virginia Tech since this horrible thing happened. Even though I don't know anyone personally who attends VT, this has still left its mark on me.

Events like this should only happen in fiction. No one should ever have to feel so dispirited as to see no other escape than to die and take others with him.

The fact that the doors were chained shut from the inside to prevent escape makes me cringe. It makes me want to add a set of bolt cutters to my carry list. The thought of those people trying to escape that madness only to find their route impeded that way--leaves me with a lump in my throat.

My prayers are for those affected by this. All those affected! I pray for peace and comfort and complete healing! I'm going to hug my child a little tighter today! Tell my husband I love him one too many times today! Give my bothersome neighbor a smile and wish him a happier life. These kinds of positives can't erase the horror of yesterday in Virginia, but maybe they'll help put a little hole in the cloud of doom this kind of thing always brings over us.



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