Ed Lynskey's BLUE CHEER is getting rave reviews

From Booklist:
*Starred Review*
PI Frank Johnson, who moved to rural West Virginia in search of peace and quiet, stumbles on his noisiest case yet when a Stinger missile explodes in the air over his property. He thinks it ought to be a simple matter to find out why the missile was in the skies over West Virginia, but when he is beaten up, and then his best friend's wife is murdered, Frank quickly realizes he has caught the tail of a monster. Soon he is hot on the trail of a cult called the Blue Cheer, and stopping their murderous plans means putting his own neck right in the line of fire. This is the second novel to feature Frank Johnson (following The Dirty-Brown Derby, 2006),and it definitely lives up to the buzz the author has been generating among genre enthusiasts. Lynskey has a sure hand, and he tackles the PI genre like a veteran, packing the book with great lines like "Awaking the next morning on the cusp of the DTs, I quit drinking cold turkey, a knack the Black Irish carry in their genes." Top-of-the-line hard-boiled fare from a novelist and a small press we hope to hear more from in the future. David Pitt

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Comment by MysteryDawg on May 7, 2007 at 7:00am
Ed writes some of the best PI material around Frank Johnson should be a National Treasure!
Comment by Point Blank Press on April 19, 2007 at 7:10am
We thought it was coming out earlier, too, so YOU should smack us.
Comment by BrianLindenmuth on April 19, 2007 at 7:03am
I'd like to publicly apoligize for posting my review so damn early. I didnt realize it was only now coming out. I thought it had come out in Feb.

I'm sorry -- please feel free to smack me.

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