One of the web sites I adopted has adopted me. I think you should have the Mystery Lovers Corner - - bookmarked, and not just because I'm a spotlight author this month. Although that is a good reason.

Other good reasons include Melanie Atkins, Maureen Robb and my good friend Jeff Markowitz. The fact is that web site creator Dawn Dawdle has a razor honed sense for finding the best new mystery writers who are bursting onto the literary scene. This is also the place where mystery authors post their new book releases, where they're signing and other big news. Plus, Dawn leaves the blog open to all of us, so instead of hearing the thoughts of the same writer every day, you get a broad spectrum of crime fiction authors leaving their thoughts for you to read. The regular visitors at Mystery Lovers Corner are tired of relying on the New York Times or Washington Post critics to pick their next read. When they look to Mystery Lovers Corner, don't you want them to see YOU??

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