THE FOUR COURTS MURDER (Police Procedural-Ireland-Cont) – VG Nugent, Andrew – Standalone
Thomas Dunne Books, 2005,

Inspector Denis Lennon and Sergeant Molly Power are investigating the murder of Justice Sidney Piggott. The case is complicated by number of suspects happy to see Piggott dead. But one stands out; a young, fair-haired man seen around the court at the time of the murder.

"…for the rest of the day, Front sat in court, silent and immobile, like a vampire in his coffin, awaiting the evening." The only problem with living alone is not having anyone to whom I can read wonderful passages aloud. I loved the writing and that the story is told from the perspective of the different characters. The characters are well done and even have personal lives. The case unfolds in layers, each increasing my interest and involvement. I didn't identify the killer--although looking back, I should have—but loved the final resolution. I really enjoyed this book.

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