A MAN LAY DEAD (Police Procedural-England-1930s) – G+ Marsh, Naigo – 1st
in series

St. Martin's Paperbacks, 1997

Introducing Inspector Roderick Alleyn, who is called to the country home of Sir Hubert Handesley. Sir Hubert had arranged "The Murder Game" as entertainment for his weekend guests. Unfortunately, someone is playing for real and one of the guests is found dead.

This is a good introduction to a delightful series set in the classic English manor house. Marsh takes her reader along not letting one know the "how" and "who" under the last few pages. It's the beginning of a wonderful friendship between Alleyn and journalist Nigel Bathgate. The series definitely improves over time, but I always like to begin at the beginning. Personally, I prefer Marsh to Christie; maybe because I'm a procedurals fan. Whatever your preference, there are interesting characters, effective red herrings, the classic reveal all of which result in a very satisfying read.

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