Alexander, Tasha – AND ONLY TO DECEIVE

AND ONLY TO DECEIVE (Suspense-England/France-1887) - Ex Alexander, Tasha – 1st book
Morrow, 2005- Hardcover

Emily had only known her husband a very short time when he died during a hunt in Africa. But over a year later, she discovered his journal and found he had loved her and learned of his passion for antiquities. In her efforts to learn more, she learns about stolen and forged artifacts and fear her husband may have been involved in a fraud on the British Museum.

I started this one evening and could not go to bed until I had finished it. It is the perfect blend of Victorian sociology, art history, romance and mystery. The characters are strong and well-drawn; intelligent, independent Emily, her friend Ivy, domineering mother, vapid acquaintances, grand dame Cecil du Lac, the butler Davis and maid Meg, painter Renoir, two handsome suitors, her late husband Philip, and the list goes on. But rather than feeling overwhelmed by the number of characters, each is so distinct, they make a strong contribution to the story and the growth and character of Emily. You want to personally know these characters, to study Greek antiquities and re-read the Iliad. The romance is appropriate to the period and the mystery compelling. I loved this book and I anxiously await Ms. Alexander's next book.

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