DEAD IRISH (Pol. Proc/Ama. Sleuth- San Francisco-Cont) – G+ Lescroart, John – 1st in series
Signet, 2005 – Paperback

Dismas Hardy is a Viet Nam vet, former cop, and former attorney who works in a bar. Abe Glitsky is a homicide cop and Hardy's former partner. The son of a mutual friend is found dead and it looks like suicide. Glitsky and Hardy disagree and work to find the killer.

It's always good to read the first book of a series as it lays the groundwork for the characters and their relationships. This book did a very good job of creating the defining the principal characters by making them interesting enough that I want to read more about them. The setting was well done. However, the story had too many red herrings and I found myself disappointed by the ending.

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