Aubert, Brigitte – DEATH FROM THE WOODS

DEATH FROM THE WOODS (Suspense-France-Cont) – G Aubert, Brigitte – 1st book
Berkeley Prime Crime, 2005, Paperback

As the result of a car bomb, Elise Andrioli is a blind, mute quadriplegic. Left by her caregiver, Yvette, in a park to wait, Elise is befriended by Virginie, a 7-year-old who tells Elise she knows who is killing young boys. When Elise is attached, she is faced with finding a way to communicate and to stay alive.

Translated from French, the story, for the most part, flows well and only occasionally in the dialogue was I aware of it being a translation. Aubert did a very good job conveying the protagonist's emotions of frustration, anger, determination, humor and fear. But that was the strength of the book. The plot became more convoluted as it progressed and the ending was anticlimactic as the mystery wasn't resolved through a series of clues, but by the recitation of one of the characters. So, while I felt the character of Elise was well done, the overall story was only good.

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