Maron, Margaret –WINTER’S CHILD

WINTER’S CHILD (Police Procedural-North Caroline-Cont) – G+
Maron, Margaret – 12th in series
Mysterious Press, 2006 – US Hardcover – ISBN: 0891968109

First Sentence: The call came through to the Colleton County Sheriff’s Department just after sunset on a chilly Thursday evening in mid-January.

Judge Deborah Knott’s new husband, Sheriff’s Deputy Dwight Bryant, has a murder to solve. Troublemaker J.D. Rouse has been fatally shot while driving his truck. But more important to Dwight is that his ex-wife is missing and, shortly thereafter, his son, Cal, as well.

I rather liked that this was more Dwight’s story than Deborah’s. It was a nice change. It is definitely the characters that make this story, and this series, work. There’s always that feeling you’ve gone to visit a good friend and her entire family. That said, there were two plots to this story. The first, which was almost a secondary plot, seemed there to involve Deborah in the story and it was she who solved the case in the end. The second, involving Dwight and his son, was the more interesting, emotional and suspenseful story and the one that really kept me involved in the book. It may not have been a “wow” book, but it was a reliably good read. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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