Johnson, Craig – 3rd in series
Viking, 2007- US Hardcover – ISBN: 978-670031573

First Sentence: I didn’t wear my gun.

Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire joins his friend Henry Standing Bear on a trip to Philadelphia for Henry’s photographic exhibit at the museum and for Walt to visit his daughter, Cady, and meet her boyfriend. Cady is attacked and near death and the boyfriend’s wealthy parents are giving him an alibi. Cady’s boyfriend is tossed off a bridge in what can’t possibly be a suicide and Walt is going to find out what is going on.

Okay, so it starts with one very big coincidence, but who cares. There are wonderful characters; Walt, Henry, Myra the dispatcher, Dog the…dog, and the entire Moretti family; great dialogue; excellent sense of place both Wyoming and the fun of experiencing Philadelphia with Walt and Henry. Add in some flirtation, a dash of sex, the emotion of Walt fearing for his daughter’s survival, some Indian mysticism, and the action of tracking down the bad guys and there is one really good book. This is a great series. If you’ve not tried it yet, start at the beginning and enjoy.

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