CUTTING BLADES (Private Investigator-England-Cont) – G
Blake, Victoria – 2nd in series
Orion, 2005- UK Hardcover – ISBN: 0752860585

First Sentence: In the grey morning light, he looks like a giant standing on Putney Bridge in softly falling snow.

At four-years old, PI Sam Falconer had been told her father had died a hero. Now she finds not only that he is alive but had been part of an assassination squad for the British Government. His return has caused a major upheaval in her family, great anger in Sam and put them all in danger. But she needs to keep working having been hired to find a young man who may be the best stoke ever for the Blue Team in the historic Boat Race, and as a bodyguard by an estate jewelry dealer who lives upstairs and is being threatened.

While there were multiple cases to be solved, this was almost more a personal story for Sam. It was a good story; I liked it but I can’t say it was a good as her first book. I’ll hope for better from her third try.

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