GONE (Procedural/Suspense-Oregon-Cont) – VG Gardner, Lisa- 8th book
Bantam, 2006- Hardcover

Former policewoman Rainie Conner is haunted by memories of abuse, both to her, the many cases she has handled and the suspected abuse of a boy she knows.. The murder of a child is one too many and pushes her into alcohol abuse and away from her husband. Rainie’s husband, former FBI profiler Pierce Quincy, loves his wife, but hope to jolt her into sobriety by moving out. But when Raine’s car is found empty by the side of a road; lights on, engine running—Quincy doesn’t know whether to fear suicide or kidnapping—until the ransom note arrives.

Ms. Gardner really knows how to combine great characters, human emotions, a touch of romance, interesting procedural aspects, and nail-biting suspense into one very good book. Her dialogue and sense of place are strong. She adds enough twists to keep you going but not frustrate you. It’s a fast-paced, not-going-to-bed-until-I-finish-it read. I discovered Ms. Gardner with her first book “The Perfect Husband” and she’s never let me down.

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