A MINISTER’S GHOST (Amateur Sleuth/Folklorist-Georgia-Cont) – G+ DePoy, Phillip – 3rd in series
St. Martin’s Press, 2006 –

Fever Devilin is the son of carnival owners, an ex-professor and folklorist who has returned to his hometown. He learns from his girlfriend, Lucinda, that her two nieces have been killed; they were in their car, sitting on the railroad tracks when it was hit by a train. But Lucinda is certain there is something suspicious about their death and asks Fever to investigate.

This book is not for everyone. As a reader, one must open oneself to the local culture, atmosphere and old beliefs of hill people where there is a different definition of reality. The characters include little people, a ghost, a snake-handling preacher, hobos, a junk-yard dealer with a unique musical instrument and Fever’s best friend, the sheriff who is not acting like himself. The mystery is not the strength of the story. The strength is the unusual, intriguing characters and atmospheric, lyrical writing. Personally, I very much enjoyed this book and this series and want to find out more about these fascinating people.

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