BURY THE LEAD (Legal Thriller-New Jersey-Cont) – VG Rosenfelt, David – 3rd book
Mysterious Press, 2004- Hardcover

Defense attorney Andy Carpenter inherited $22 million so working isn’t something he has to do. But when a serial killer is murdering woman and cutting off their hands, Daniel Cummings, a local reporter and son of one of Andy’s friends, is arrested for the murders. Andy doesn’t believe he’s guilty and, with the help of friends and colleagues, is out to find the killer while defending Daniel.

I’m not quite certain why, but I keep seeing shades of Robert Parker in Rosenfelt’s books. Perhaps because Andy is quick with a quip and Rosenfelt writes very good dialogue. Perhaps because Andy loves his dog and thinks it’s the most perfect dog in the universe, even though it’s not quite as annoying as Spencer’s Pearl the Wonder Dog. Perhaps because Andy has a serious love interest to whom he’s not married, although, happily, Laura doesn’t have any of Susan’s annoying characteristics. But Rosenfelt is no imitation and definitely stands on his own. He has created some great characters and yet isn’t afraid to kill off important characters. He knows how to balance humor and tension. The tone of the book is light, but it contains a whopping good, unpredictable mystery. I’ve really been enjoying this series and am really looking forward to continuing with the series.

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