MOURNERS (Private Invest-San Francisco-Cont) – Ex
Pronzini, Bill – 30th in series
Forge, 2006- Hardcover

The “Nameless” agency team knows about separation and death. “Nameless” friend and partner committed suicide, Jake Runyon’s wife died of cancer and Tamara’s love has moved to Philadelphia. The agency has been hired, by his wife,to follow James Troxell. Rather than another woman, they find he is attending the funerals of women who have been raped and murdered. At a cemetery, Jake sees a young woman who reminds him of his late wife and who’s sister was a victim. What is Troxell’s connection to these victims?

Pronzini is such a fine writer. He takes, what could be, a basic mystery and layers it with text that deepens and enriches the plot. On the top level, this is a very good mystery. It leads the reader on a fascinating trail finding out exactly what the object character is up to. The sense of place, dialogue and suspense are all very well done. You become involved with all the characters and care about them. Even the minor, and somewhat unlikable, characters are ones you recognize. On a second level is the story of grief and mourning; it’s many forms and the impact it has on various people’s lives. I can’t’ say enough about this book. I am ready for the next in the series, and determinedly looking for the ones I’m missing. If you’ve not read this series, even with a few slight misses, start at the beginning and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!.

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