ANGELS FALL (Romantic Suspense-Wyoming-Cont) – VG Roberts,
Nora – Standalone
Putnam, 2006- Hardcover

Reece Gilmore is trying to put herself back together, mentally and physically, after being the only survivor to a thrill killing in Boston. When car trouble stops her in Angel Fist, Wyoming, she finds a job, a tough but caring boss, a place to live, new friends, a man…and a murder that only she saw. There is no evidence of the crime and, as people learn more of her history and she begins finding things she appears to have done but doesn’t remember, both she and other begin to question her mental stability. But is she really doing these things, or is someone trying to make her think she is?

I love Nora Roberts’ books. She creates strong, interesting characters—both male and female. Her dialogue is crisp, often funny and makes me wish I could think of those things to say. Roberts does sense of place well; I haven’t been in Wyoming since I was a child, but she brought all the surrounds back to me. Roberts does suspense well; I found myself wondering whether my doors were locked. I suspected the killer, but there were a couple good red herrings that made me wonder. Was it a perfect book? No; the romance didn’t sizzle for me as much as some of her other books have done and I felt the end was a bit week, but it was still a darn good read and made me stay up way too late to finish it.

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