RATCATCHER (Bow Street Runner-London-Napoleonic) – G
McGee, James – 1st in series
HarperCollins, 2006-Hardcover

Matthew Hawkwood, a former soldier and a sharpshooter, is now one of ten Bow Street Runners. When Highwaymen stop a coach and kill a government courier, Hawkwood is called in to find them. In time, he finds what he is really seeking is the contents of the couriers pouch and those behind a plot to destroy the strength of England’s war fleet.

Hawkwood, for all this reputation as a top Runner, isn’t the most capable. Were it not for his friend, Jago, he wouldn’t have made it through the book. In fact, of the two characters, Jago is the more interesting. What McGee did do extremely well was depict the seamy side of London during this period. The other element of the story I found fascinating were the descriptions of the weapon invented by Robert Fulton. I am also always fascinated by reading the history of the Bow Street Runners. While this wasn’t the best book, it wasn’t terrible either and, being the first in the series, I shall probably read the next one just to see how the author is progressing.

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