PANAMA (Historical-Paris-1892) – G Zencey, Eric – 1st book
Berkeley, 2001- Trade Paperback

Henry Adams, descended from two U.S. Presidents, is in Paris writing a book. While at Mont-Saint- Michel, he meets, and becomes intrigued by, a young American art student. When
he tries to locate her in Paris, he is told she is dead, but the body is not her. But then who was she and how is she involved in the “Panama Scandal” involving France’s disastrous attempt to build the Panama Canal and the corruption behind the scenes.

This is a part of history with which I was completely unfamiliar and so I enjoyed that aspect of the book. I did also love Zencey’s ability to place me thoroughly in 1892 Paris. At the same time, I found the story quite slow and difficult to stay with. The character of Adams and the depiction of the period kept me going, but not without difficulty.

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