LOST ANGEL (Unlicensed Investigator-Alaska-Cont) – G+ Doogan,
Mike – 1st book
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2006- Hardcover

Alaskan Nik Kane, an ex-cop, is trying to put his life together after wrongfully spending almost 7 years in prison. Now released, his former boss, Anchorage Chief of Police Jeffords, is trying to help him by sending him to Rejoice, a religious community. The daughter and granddaughter of the community’s leader and founder has disappeared and have asked Kane to find her. But Rejoice’s nearest neighbor is Devil’s Toe, where the manager of the local gold mine wants Kane to help him prevent a possible payroll robbery. It’s up to Kane to uncover the secrets that tie these two communities together.

Doogan creates interesting characters, particularly Kane who, although betrayed by the legal system, still believes in the law with investigative instincts and experience. He has a past to overcome and it will be interesting following his course. Although Doogan doesn’t utilize the setting as much as I might like, he has still given a good sense of life in Alaska. This is a very good first effort.

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