.If anyone reading this on Crime Space, got my notice about my newest book, A Mothers Torment, I shouldn't have sent it on this place. I've gotten quite a few nasty answers back, but since I'd gotten a lot of book notices sent to me on Book Network and the other network, Book Marketing, I thought the rules were the same on Crime Space.

However, I found out quickly that it wasn't. You aren't allowed to send any info on your books on this group, so I want to apologise to those people that got my notice on this group. I should have found out the rules first before sending anything, but I didn't so to anyone I sent it to , I'm sorry about that and it won't happen again on this group.

Actually I didn't know about the rules page and still don't know where to find it, but if I click on enough things surely I will find it.

If I'd have gotten a notice about a new book out in my emails, I would just delete it if I wasn't interested, or send a nice note letting them know it wasn't allowed. But not everyone does that. You can be sure I'll check next time I decide to do something like that again....Didn't realize people could be so hateful about publicing a book.

That may be the reason why I don't do book signings. I know how nasty some people can be and the subject matter of some of my books are a hot topic and I really don't need any more stress in my life. After losing two sons in the past ten years, I realize how short life really is and what is important in life. And things like getting an email about a book is not one of the most important things in my life.

So again, I apologize to everyone on Crime Space who had to look at my email. Shirley

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Comment by shirley dicks on July 7, 2007 at 10:20am
We had a great family reunion and I just came back tonight. Imagine my surprise when in my mail was fifteen messages, all promoting books of the authors, which I imagine went to everyone on the group. I don't mind at all and enjoy reading about their book signings and books but I thought that was not allowed on this group....or did I get my groups mixed up again.
Comment by shirley dicks on July 1, 2007 at 1:17am
Hope everyone has a good fourth of July. I'll be taking my great grandson to NC for a family reunion. Haven't seen my brother in six years that is from NH. Of course we talk every week on the cell phones but to actually see and visit with him I haven't been up there for years....

With the years flying on so fast and I'm getting so old, we thought it was time for one before someone else is gone. Last year we buried my youngest son who was thirty seven, so you never know what the future has for you. Since I'm the oldest in the family, I pray I'm the next to go as I couldn't bear to bury someone else...

I can visit both of my son's grave as well as our family is buried in Asheville. If I ever hit it big and make enough money, I'll move back there now that I no longer have to be in Tn. THe rest of the family is in NC, two brothers a sister and two daughters and their families....

So hope everyone has a great holiday with your own families over the fourth of July. Shirley
Comment by Ayo on June 29, 2007 at 9:01am
Ditto, to what Jim and Angie have said. One has to be careful where one posts. However, saying that there is never any need for hurtful comments
Comment by shirley dicks on June 29, 2007 at 7:26am
Hi Jim,
Yes, I realize that but I didn't do that intentionally and wanted people to know it was my mistake. I have never sent out mailings on my books before, but seeing it done every day I thought I'd try it myself. I'm too old to figure out all these networks, but I won't make that mistake again. Thanks for your comments. Shirley
Comment by shirley dicks on June 29, 2007 at 7:22am
THis was the first time I had sent any mail as I didn't know how to do so to everyone and I got a lot of those I think it was on Book Network and also the Marketing One. I had both of them opened on my computer and I think I started out with Book Network and then ended up on Crime space, but I didn't know the difference at any rate. And I didn't realize rules were different on each one. They all sounded pretty much alike.

I do know now though so will be very careful not to send any on this one. Sometimes I forget which one I'm on if I have more than one open at the same time but I will only send individual emails instead of trying to do it the other way.

I just started my own network on prison abuses and trying to figure it all out and how to work it. Haven't figured out how to put another page like the rules page on mine yet but will keep trying to find those things out.

I know how to do web sites but things like this network are kind of confusing to me when it comes to making pages and designing them...
Thanks for your comments.... I have noticed that when you are on a friend list, it carries over to the other networks.

I have seen people on my writers friends listing show up on the prison abuse network and not sure how that happens. So these networks must be linked somehow to gether.... SHirley
Comment by Angie on June 29, 2007 at 6:33am
Shirley, I have to second Jim's comment (also in a completely friendly way!). I totally understand that your feelings were hurt. Unfortunately, this topic has been a hot one from the early days at Crimespace. Several members receive an enormous volume of email every day, and an unsolicited advert (no matter how well-intentioned) adds to the avalanche and fires up tempers. What you experienced in terms of people being "hateful" and "nasty" is a result of folks (several of them busy professionals) getting many, many of these types of unsolicited promo emails. Not excusing it, but hopefully that explains a bit why some of your responses were so vehement.

You are, of course, absolutely welcome to talk about your book on your personal Crimespace page and on your personal blogs here. When people visit your member page, they want to know about you and your projects/books. They just don't necessarily want to be included on mass emails about it. The other Ning networks you mentioned are perfect for that kind of promo. There is also a section on Crimespace for Special Events. If you have a book signing, an interview, etc. that you want others to know about, that's the place for it.

Happy writing!
Comment by John Dishon on June 28, 2007 at 10:30am
You can find the rules by clicking the link on the top left box on the front page of Crimespace.

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