Thanks to everyone who came out to the Borders book signing on Saturday the 14th. Wow! Invisible Shield sold out of the Borders' stock and then I sold a few of the ones I brought along! It was great to see the other Five Star authors, Julie Hyzy, Mike Black, Dave Case and Tom Keevers, who signed their books too. We all had a great time and went out to dinner afterwards. If you email me privately I can give you the details on who ordered what. :))
Yesterday I went to my local library to suggest an author event or chat of some kind, and I first spoke with the reference librarian. When I told her about my book, her eyes lit up and she told me paranormal books are huge. Very popular. Made my day, because if anyone would know it would be a librarian. They are research gods.

Currently I'm waiting for Five Star's response on the second book in the Frost sister's series, Shield of Duty. Once again, Lindsay and Kate are in it up to their necks, and I mean that literally. Meanwhile, I'm busy working on a stand-alone suspense novel. I won't share the details right now but it's coming along great.

Sales on my past titles continue to do well. The best seller among them is The Academy. Tony Pindrock is still hard at work on the screenplay and sends me periodic updates. So far it looks very impressive. I told him I've always wanted to be an extra in a movie, so maybe I'll get my wish if the screenplay sells. My pick would be one of the corpses nailed to the lair wall. Read the book if you want to know more. Okay, okay enought BSP.

Untill next time...

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