Word is in that Allan Guthrie has won the Theakston's Award at Harrogate...*

More reports sure to come, since Ali Karim of The Rap Sheet is on the front lines. Although I'd figured Stuart MacBride to win, I'm delighted to be wrong. Well, not because Stuart lost, but he won the Dagger, so Al winning Theakstons is great, because they're both winners.

And now Stuart has something to whine about on his blog again.

Author and blogger Sandra Parshall recently interviewed me, primarily about Spinetingler and reviewing, but there's a little bit in there about the manuscript that's in play at the moment. And if you're curious about what will be coming from me next, you might want to check that out.

Yeah, yeah, interviewed again. But how many times do I see my name in the same article as Otto Penzler and Charles Ardai? Matthew Baldwin has run a profile on Web Noir in The Morning News. The article is filled with insights from industry insiders and takes a look at the...

(All cross-posted from my blog.) * reported on 4MA via Donna Moore

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