Well, yeah, it makes you look kind of foolish. My husband and I were walking around the neighborhood talking about a plot problem, a kidnapping and well, someone eavesdropped. Are we all hungry for excitement? The neighbor said, who did it happen to? So I blush, explain, no one real got kidnapped it was only make believe... Anyway, the unexpected. I was browsing through "Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs" and found all sorts of herbs that "caused toxicity and death". Hmm. Bound to be one or two that will cause some trouble to a character, somewhere.

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Comment by Doug Wood on August 3, 2007 at 6:38am
In you quest for toxic plants - purely for research, of course - you might want to visit this website which caters to the Wiccan community:


They list many bizarre plants and seeds, giving chatty backgrounds on each. Try using their internal "search engine" feature to look for the word poison, and you'll zero in on the best of the worst.

I found this site a while back while looking for Wolfbane seeds. (Don't ask.)


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