The Frustrations of the Writing Business

I am busily promoting the latest book in my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, Judgment Fire. My book launch is scheduled for this Saturday at our local Visitors Center. The publisher just okayed the proofs for the printer last Friday. The books were printed on Monday, the left the printer and using UPS tracking, I learned they had reached California this morning. Now, if nothing goes wrong, they should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow or the next day. Talk about nerve-wracking!

And of course life goes on. We agreed to take in a grown (age wise) grandson who has had some difficulties. He moved in a week ago and things have been interesting arond here. This is the second grandson for whom we've provided a home. The first one we had from age 11 until he was 20. Actually it was kind of fun to go through all the school things: kids spending the night, school activities, going to high school football games, girl troubles, graduations, etc. Of course there was the not so much fun stuff too--trips to emergency rooms, principal's office, helping with homework. After all, we did this with five kids of our own.

I have a book that needs to be edited so I can send it off to my publishers, I'm teaching for the next three days, I have book I want to read, and on and on.

One thing I can say, life is never dull around here.


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