I received some good news Thursday: I can now list two more publishing credits to my name.


The University of South Alabama's award-winning, student-run fine arts review magazine, ORACLE, accepted and published two of my submitted works in their latest issue. It's only published during the spring and is a joint effort between the English and Fine Arts Departments.

My published works included a short fictional story, Big Red: A Love Story, and a nonfiction essay, Something Borrowed. (Psst...both are available for reading on my website!) I only discovered the publications after picking up a copy of the magazine Thursday during a mandatory grad school orientation for the English department. I'm not certain why I wasn't notified before the magazine's release, but I'm not complaining. I'm very happy to have my work in print.

Other good news: Classes started up again today and I get to hang out in the Horror in Film and Literature class. It's an undergrad class and I've already taken it -- therefore, I receive no credit -- but the instructor's letting me hang out in there for fun. Plus, since my work tends to border on the horror genre, I think having a chance to re-absorb some vital info before my defense is a good thing. Besides, I'm planning to ask her to take part in my thesis defense committee and if I can gain a few more insights from the resident "horror expert," I should do well.

Well, I think that's all for now. Time to hit the textbooks.


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