Juvenile probation officer Joe Trumbull has spent the past two years mourning his fiancee Laurel, murdered the night of his bachelor party—a case that remains open. When the first woman he's dated in two years turns up dead, memories come flooding back. When the details of her death match those of Laurel's, Joe begins to wonder if there might be a connection, improbable as it seems. When other women with whom Joe's had the briefest contact are killed in the same fashion, official suspicion turns on him.

A clear break from Hamilton's Alex McKnight reluctant P.I. series, Night Work is tightly plotted and more procedural, featuring the younger, action-oriented Trumbull. Hamilton's sense of place is sharp as ever. His sense of suspense is more subtle here to good effect.

Sure to build a new audience for Hamilton as well as please his existing fans. On sale September 18.

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