I have just moved to Ashland, Oregon from the Bay Area. Still getting settled in. My fiction, however, will not move with me. The idea is while I sit at my desk looking out over mountains and tall spruce, my poor characters are back there in the mean streets of Oakland, which is definitely surging towards murder capital of the world, lucky to survive from day to day. It's not fair but who said novel writing has got to be fair? I have just learned that one of my stories "Juanita" has been selected to appear in a new anthology "Best of ThugLit." I am very happy about this as Todd and ThugLit has done a great job of carrying forward the kind of stories promoted by Neil Smith in Plots With Guns. This particular story has got to be just about the grittiest writing I have ever produced. Only a Thug would appreciate it. I have also met some fine mystery fans here. In April I will be interviewed for one-half an hour on local TV on "How To Write Short Mysteries." I also get 5 minutes to read. Now that's short! The second half hour of this show will be devoted to Cara Black, who will be up here on a book tour. She writes those great mysteries set in Paris. I have also been hard at work on book projects and promotions of same. Should I have some good news on these projects you all will be the first hear. All for now as I am new at this blog stuff. Tim Wohlforth

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