If man were meant to fly....

I think the Flat-Earth society has taken over commercial air transportation. I am willing to stipulate that I am one of the way-too-impatient, way-too-intollerant, gnat-on-crack-attention-span-blessed common folk. That being said, it seems to be a sad state of affairs when the best thing you can say for flying coach is that you survived.

The airline employees are not to blame. They work hard, with little support. They face a frustrated client base every day and do the best they can. It is not the ticket seller's fault their corporate headquarters down sized the flight crews, sold off half the fleet and pocketed any and all gov bailout monies to bolster third quarter returns. It's not the gate attendants' fault that the dotcom travel agencies oversell flights, create ghost carriers, and leave the real people to apologize to JQP.

I blame on the greedy CF'NO's and Human Resource overseers who know we have to fly, and will put up with just about anything to go and return in one piece. I don't mind the heightened security measures. Heck, I'd strip to my jockies and fly in a hospital gown (as long as the first class customers join me!). But I truly believe that at the theme of the annual Air Carriers Corporate Customer Service Retreat and Fox Hunt is "Let them eat cake!"

They have us by the seat cushions, people. Is resistance futile?

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Comment by Shannon Chenoweth on October 10, 2007 at 1:51pm
I don't know... I don't disagree that corporate America is greedy, hell they've been greedy for a very very long time. But, it also depends upon the airline. Personally, I try to always fly Southwest. They treat me right and I feel as though I haven't been ripped off. Southwest may be one of the few exceptions to all this though, since they are owned by their employees.

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