Not only is Jack Palms taking over Tokyo, but I will be doing a live Q&A event with Big O of tecnhnofodder tomorrow at 4PM EST that you can access by phone, internet, or skype!! I'm really looking forward to speaking with many of you there tomorrow. Getting excited already. There are two ways you can participate/listen: First thing you need to do is go to and register to get your nine digit pin number. THEN dial 724-444-7444 from any phone or skype account and enter the code 27091 and then your 9 digit pin. This'll let you talk and listen in. OR: if you just want to listen via your computer you can download the TalkShoe software and sign in to the chat room where you'll be able to type in comments, listen, and maybe even add voice. (I confess I'm not sure.) Plus of that is that Soccergirl's promised to read your questions out loud. OK. I'm hoping to speak to many of you there tomorrow. Should be great.

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