Wheaton, IL–October 2007—Clues indicate that a dangerously disarming duo of authors is targeting Barnes & Noble stores in the Chicago area. Mystery fans should be on the lookout for Luisa Buehler, author of the Grace Marsden mystery series and her partner in crime, Robert Goldsborough, author of the Snap Malek mystery series. Reports indicate that this clever and entertaining pair are making appearances at a variety of events, bookstores, and libraries.

Both of these authors should be considered charming and creative. Luisa Buehler has taken her main character, Grace Marsden on a series of misadventures that can only be described as harrowing. Readers have described the Italian Grace as both heartwarming and unique. Often referred to as "Monk in a skirt," Grace Marsden has uncovered a series of cold case mysteries, including The Rosary Bride, The Lion Tamer, The Station Master, The Scout Master, and most recently her adventures led her abroad to Canada where trouble found her entangled in murder and mayhem surrounding The Lighthouse Keeper.

Not to be ignored, Robert Goldsborough, most well known for his award-winning contributions to the acclaimed Nero Wolfe series after the passing of mystery icon Rex Stout, has come back to the mystery genre with guns blazing. His Chicago Tribune police reporter, Steve "Snap" Malek is hot on the trail of all manner of dangerous villains in this Golden Age series. Snap Malek, a man with a mission—whether he wants it or not—is ridding the world of bad guys, one mystery at a time. Robert Goldsborough introduced the somewhat jaded Snap Malek in Three Strikes You're Dead did his part to save the world in Shadow of the Bomb, and made it a family affair in the upcoming A Death in Pilsen.

The deadly duo of Luisa Buehler and Robert Goldsborough are stealing the hearts of mystery readers worldwide and should be approached with great caution, as readers will find themselves fans before they can turn and run.

As lifelong residents of the Chicago area, both authors are familiar with the region and are not afraid to use local settings to draw readers into their webs of deception. From the streets of Pilsen to the Lisle Depot days, these stories are both entertaining and delightfully daring.

Readers hoping to catch a glimpse should visit either www.luisabuehler.com
for potential locations.

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