A better experience, a better writer? No, a more considered experienced...

After reading a bit about Jennifer Chase, which I enjoyed I found that... I actually take Police work, or rather Police life for granted and, if nothing else being on Crime Space has tempted me to look at what I do, not as a writer but what I ignore as a Polic Officer. This is all in the hope that it will make me a better writer and, you know what, I think it will! I also hope that other bloggers, cops, writers, readers might be able to pull something from the trip.....

I'm not a joiner-inner, not quite a loner but I would be if people would actually leave me alone and when I joined the Police a little late in life I have to confess I was amazed and, not a little choked by what happened to me. First stop Residential Training School..... more to come.

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