Sounds like the title to a cheesy romance novel
doesn't it. You know, writer comes to Italy to be alone and work on a
new novel, and meets up with some ravishing Italian woman who is years
younger, unbelievably drop-dead gorgeous, and can't speak a lick of
English other than something like, "You rock!." So even if she's angry
with you, she screams, "You rock, VEEENcent! You very very rock!"
Something like that.

Ok, I'm not going to comment on whether or not I did actually meet the ravishing Italian woman (in other words, I'm
not going to deny or confirm such an event took place). But I can tell
you this: I came to Italy for a month to work on my new novel, which now
has a title I'm going to stick to (unless you guys tell me to change
it): Death by Moonlight....

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