Ah, Yes…But What Exactly Is A Bestseller?

Have you ever asked, what exactly makes a book a bestseller?  Or, perhaps otherwise put, exactly what’s in a bestseller?

You know, ALL those books out there, one after another, that CLAIM to be…a bestseller.  This bestseller.  That bestseller.

I recently put that question to Sheridan Simove, best selling author of What Every Man Thinks Apart From Sex, a “novel” the content of which consists of–and only of– 200 BLANK pages.  What Every Man Thinks honestly became a recent bestseller novel in Great Britain, with nothing more than 200 absolutely blank pages.  Actually, that’s not even really all that original.  Seems there’s some famous blank canvas hanging in some museum somewhere too.

After explaining absolutely…nothing, Simove added “it was truly gratifying to see my book outselling many other academic works whose authors claim to have worked even harder than I to further the extent of human knowledge.”

Hmm, all I can say to you after hearing all that is…you gotta keep an eye out for the coming of my second novel!  Trust me, it’s gonna be a helluva lot better than…a blank canvas.  And a lot more original, and mysterious, too!

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