An Inspiration Visit with NYT Bestselling "Self Published" Crime Novelist Debbi Mack



For the past two months I've been vying for the same positions as Debbi Mack, a writer whom I hadn't heard of until I made the connection one Sunday morning not too long ago when I saw her name appear on the New York Times Bestseller List. Not only was I taken aback since she and I share those top spots, but also because (and astonishingly so), she is a self-published author. A few days later, my former agent and I were speaking on the phone and we got to talking about the stats and she revealed having attended a writing group with Debbi, and what a talented and pretty cool person she was. Finally, like Debbi will attest in her guest blog, we hooked up again on LinkIn over a discussion about indie publishing and what's expected of us now as authors as opposed to a decade ago when I published with Random House imprints. Debbi is not only a committed and talented author, but she literally is forced to write in pain everyday due to a rare condition called Dystonia. Her head is also in the right "Zen" place. She writes because that's what she does and it is who she is. She would be waking up and doing the same thing everyday regardless of her bestselling status. She is a pure artist and frankly, I feel somewhat ashamed of myself for getting caught up with numbers and rankings at times more than I should the writing. If you're a writer, writing should be the most important thing. Just ask Debbi Mack, she has some wonderful words to shed on the subject:....

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