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"Guaranteed to keep you clutching your Kindle till the end" - SFX magazine

It’s 2098 in the North American Union and biotechnology isn’t creating a better tomorrow, it’s maintaining a cold, dark and bloody today. A crumbling dystopia of breathing buildings and weaponized insects, where corporations rule cities and mercenaries conduct business takeovers at gunpoint. But unless Kirsty Powell can discover what really happened at Arclights nightclub, it’s a future that ends for her in seven days…

She knows how to spot malfunctioning livedrives – it’s her job. Their hardware linkages wear out, their wetware components succumb to disease, parasites and age. But to see one notch up a bodycount on a nightclub dancefloor, that’s a first. No one was supposed to see that. Kirsty wishes she hadn't.

B-spine is a fast-paced cyberpunk technothriller that pitches an unlikely heroine into an unwinnable battle against the men who control an all-too-believable alternate future. Its combination of biotech weaponry and street-level police procedural plotting makes it a violent, visceral ride – Children of Men meets The Wire.

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