Being family's first real crime novel lover

I guess it all started with the first Alex Kava crime novel. I just fell in love with the female main character. This was back in 2000 I think. Slowly I made my way through all her books. My mom liked her books but still read, most of the time, her trashy love novels, historical ones. Stuff like that.


One day at a shop I found the first Kathy Reichs. Temperance Brennan. One of the most amazing crime novel character ever developed - in my opinion. As much as I like "Bones" it has nothing to do with the books, in the beginning I was really disappointed. But I prefer the books.


Being in London, in need for a new book, I started my way through Val McDermid's work. My first was "Killing the Shadow". An amazing book but much better is the Tony Hill & Carol Jordan series. I am still waiting for them to become a couple. Would it work? Hm ...


From my aunt I got a Polina Daschkowa novel one day. I loved it. Something completely different. I read some of her's and some by other Russian writers, like Alexandra Marinina and Viktoria Platowa. Slowly stuff gets translated.


I read tried to read some Scandinavian but never got into them for real. I liked to watch Walander on TV but the books bored me. I need blood.


One of my still favorites is Tess Gerritsen. Her "Surgeon" was a psychological adventure for me. The new show based on the books "Rizzoli & Isles" also has nothing to do with the books. The characters are so different in the books, the story itself too. I am still waiting for every new book on those two characters.


Karin Slaughter too. I love her books. I really get emotional with Sara Linton. I cried with her when her husband died.


Oh and not to forget one of my favorite books "Retribution" by Jilliane Hoffman. Wow, for a week I looked down my window, if somebody is sitting under it and I lived on the 3rd floor then.


At the moment I read some Patricia Cornwell - I like Kay Scarpetta but prefer Temperance Brennan - and a novel my Katryn Fox, an Australian writer. I absolutely like her books.

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