Big things are happening in the Klepto Cat Mystery office.

It’s a blast! Every day, Patricia and the Cats stopped over at a different blog site and shared stories about the writing life—sometimes from Patricia’s perspective; sometimes from the cats’ perspective. And you’ll see pictures of cute kitties. There are reviews of Patricia’s latest book, Mansion of Meows, secrets from her long path as an author revealed. Even Patricia’s cats shared in the fun. Here are some of the titles of Patricia’s guest blog posts:
“Writing With Cats, the Joys and the Challenges,”
“The Writer’s Cat—by Lily the Tabby,”
“Cats—the Author’s Pawtner,”
“A Mystery-Writer’s Confessions.”
Be sure to read about the fun and interesting journey Patricia and the Cats have taken. The first stop was at Catscapades blog
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